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한국 오라클 (사내 변호사, 한국 변호사) 채용공고
한국 오라클 (사내 변호사, 한국 변호사) 채용공고
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한국 오라클 (사내 변호사, 한국 변호사) 채용공고


· 모집 인사말 한국 오라클에서 사내 변호사를 찾고 있습니다. 관심 있으신 분은 언제든지 연락 주시면 됩니다.
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· 상세요강 포지션: Korea Compliance & Legal Counsel (한국 변호사)

General Function: Providing a full range of in-house legal and compliance services with emphasis on support to Sales business units and LOBs as well as ensuring compliance with Oracle policies and procedures and applicable law.

1. Key x-objectives / Measures
? Internal satisfaction of local business, other local support LOBs and Global Legal LOB
? Provide regular reports to manager
? Personal development
? Training provided to business and other lawyers
? Measured by Corporate performance standards
? Client satisfaction of Sales business units and LOBs

2. Responsibilities

2.1. Management Support Functions
? Responsible for legal support to specific LOBs and/or industry sectors
? Independent handling of major tasks, business and improvement projects
? Assist in monitoring and implementing legal policies and business practices
? Maintain good working relations across LOBs
? Keep the manager and Oracle Korea Senior Management briefed on important legal and policy issues
? Develop and maintain relationships with external lawyers and other service providers
? Develop and maintain links with other industry lawyers
? Handle Oracle Korea legal/compliance approvals as allocated
? Provide input to and assist in developing Oracle Korea business strategy regarding Legal and Compliance issues

2.2. Legal Functions
? Implementation of Oracle policies
? Identify, analyze and evaluate risks
? Advise on compliance with Oracle business practices, policies, procedures and law
? Assist in the management of disputes and litigation
? Participate in Oracle Legal JAPAC initiatives as required
? Provide input into new policies and practices
? Provide leadership on legislative awareness and policy issues
? Personally attend to drafting and negotiation of complex deals
? Draft, vet and negotiate major or complex agreements
? Localize and develop model standard agreements / clauses
? Conduct training for sales and legal staff, and other employees regarding compliance and legal matters
? Advise the Business on structure of contractual relationships, including appropriate x-documents to use
? Respond to ad hoc queries, providing appropriate solutions
? Work closely with other legal counsel throughout Oracle locally as well as internationally
? Carry out other tasks as instructed by the manager

2.3. Compliance Functions

? Give advice to Oracle Korea personnel on compliance-related issues.
? Investigate, supervise and manage assigned compliance investigations.
? Work closely with other compliance counsels across different regions.
? Conduct compliance training for company employees, suppliers and partners
? Draft reports on compliance cases.
? Participate in disciplinary hearings.

3. Required Skills
? Fluency in English and Korean
? High level legal drafting skills (also in English)
? Excellent verbal and written communication skills
? Negotiation skills
? Presentation skills
? Solutions oriented, creative thinking and problem solving
? Commercial outlook
? Ability to perform under pressure
? Ability to adopt to constantly changing requirements
? Creative thinking and problem solving
? In depth understanding of Oracle’s products and services
? In depth understanding of Oracle’s business requirements and policies
? Superior leader and manager

4. Minimum job requirements
? Law degree and professional qualification.
? 10+ years experience in people management and experience in running of a legal department.
? Experience with handling compliance matters, commercial negotiations; Cloud computing contracts; SaaS and Social Media technology transactions.
제출서류 및 접수방법
· 접수기간 2019-11-11 ~ 2019-11-30
· 제출서류 국문 이력서 및 영문 이력서를 작성하셔서 한국 오라클 채용 담당 유현수 (hyunsoo.yu@oracle.com)으로 연락 주시면 됩니다.
· 전형방법 1차 인터뷰
2차 인터뷰
· 기타사항  
담당자 정보
· 담당자명 유현수 · 이메일 hyunsoo.yu@oracle.com
· 전화 2194-7660 · 팩스 2194-7660
· 주소 06164 서울 강남구 영동대로 517 아셈타워 12, 15, 16, 36층


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